Housing lifting system consists of power cylinders with rods interacting with thrust points on house and supporting blocks

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Numéro du brevet: FR2840002
Date de publication: 2003-11-28
- internationale B66F1/08; B66F7/20; E04G23/06; E02D35/00; B66F1/00; B66F7/10; E04G23/00; E02D35/00; (IPC1-7): E04G23/00; B66F11/00; E02D35/00; E04G25/06
- européenne
Numéro de demande FR20020006144 20020521
Numéro(s) de priorité: FR20020006144 20020521

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The lifting system for raising a housing above an initial ground level consists of power cylinders (26) interacting with thrust points (22) on the house's external walls, with their rods (28) engaging with other thrust points (34, 36) on the ground or on blocks (14, 16) on which the house's floor slab (12) rests. As the house is raised additional blocks can be inserted to support it in its new position. The blocks can be joined together by fastenings, adhesive or cement, and opposite stacks of blocks can be connected by steel bars to consolidate the support.  

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