Anti-theft beach bag has retractable handle integrated on one wall of bag and has capacity for ballast and objects to be protected from theft

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Patent number: FR2850543
Publication date: 2004-08-06
- international: A45C3/10; A45C13/18; A45C13/22; A45C13/10; A45F3/02; A45C3/00; A45C13/00; A45C13/10; A45F3/00; (IPC1-7): A45C13/18; A45C3/10
- european:
Application number: FR20030001230 20030204
Priority number(s): FR20030001230 20030204

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Abstract of FR2850543
The bag comprises partitions (2, 5) has an opening (12) which can be closed by a key or lock. A handle or a shoulder strap (6) is integrated on internal side of one wall of the bag in a retractable manner and is inaccessible from exterior of the bag when the bag is closed. The bag provides capacity sufficient for holding ballast as well as the objects to be protected from theft. The ballast is received by a compartment with waterproof walls, so that water can be used as ballast. The bag has a first compartment (3) for receiving the ballast and a second compartment (4) for receiving the objects.  

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